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White Label software solutions

We want to work with top class partners that have a well established user base.

Flexible and powerful

We work with Newspapers, Magazines, Popular Forums and much more to integrate our service into your branding seamlessly.

No money no worries!

If your thinking you don't have the budget for a tech project then think no more. There is zero cost to you to implement this solution.

Happy Partnerships

We bring the tech and the offers while you bring your known brand and user base. Adding both together gets us to adding revenue and happy CFO's.

epic platform white label coupon solution provider

Getting Started with Epic Platform couldn't be simpler

Grant us use of your subdomain e.g.
We build your header onto our solutionWait for the sales commission to come in
We share in the revenue coming from the site
Enjoy the fruits of your labour

We don't charge you set up and we don't charge you maintenance fees

You can't say that about competitor solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't answered your questions please just contact us and we will be more than happy to do so.

I need to convince my board, what can you provide?

We work with you to build a business case to take through your approval mechanisms. How much revenue we expect to generate depends on y0ur traffic and visitor numbers and what types of in-site promotion you will do to point people to the sub-domain. We will work closely with you to get this data for your site(s) and we have found that most boards like no cost, no risk options!

You say this is going to be quick, but just how quick?

There are a few factors here. We need to sign a contract (legal can take a week or two). We need you to decide where on your header out link will be (can take two seconds or more). We need the subdomain set up (two minutes with the right tech guy). We then build your header into our white label software (which we can do super quick) and then the site can go live immediately.

Do I need to find the deals?

No, we take care of all of that for you.

Do I need tech folk to manage the sub-domain?

No, this needs minimal management. (Also, what is a subdomain? This is where we use the deals bit is the subdomain!

How can I make my implementation successful?

If you make a point of telling your user base about the deals it send more traffic to the pages and increases revenue.

I am a luxury brand is this for me?

We can deliver customised solutions for luxury brands focusing on offers tailored to your needs. This takes slightly longer to set up but is still following the same process as above.